Sailboat Print Romper for 18 Inch Dolls

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Thinking about summertime, being out and about especially at a beach or lake? Great memories are made there and great outfits are found here! Sailboats and blue water print cover this summer romper by Sophia’s®. Pink and white stripe interlock trim at the top and legs are complemented by the same trim creating an elongated faux seam down the front. The trim at the shoulder extends to create a halter tie in the back. To secure this romper, a hook and loop closure, measuring approximately 2" helps with getting this on your 18 inch doll.  There is a thin elastic waistband to add shape that is detailed with a tiny white rope bow. This is stationary and can not be cinched.  You only have to see this on your doll do imagine how cool and comfy she will be all summer long.  For cool nights walking on the boardwalk, you might want to bring along a hoodie or jacketSummer sandals will certainly complete this summer outfit for your favorite 18 inch doll. This outfit also has several companion pieces for 14 1/2 Wellie Wisher Dolls (WW-SR-SB) and 15" Baby Dolls (15-SR)  Doll and sandals not included.  Fits most 18 inch dolls like Sophia’s®, American Girl® and Journey®