18-Inch Doll Bed

Every American girl needs a comfy place to sleep! We offer a single 18 inch doll bed, as well as bunk beds for 18 inch dolls. This high quality 18" doll furniture and bedding will keep an American girl warm and snug all through the night.

Make Chores Fun


Giving your child's favorite American Girl® Doll her own 18 inch doll bed is great in a lot of ways. It can teach her the importance of getting to bed on time (when her doll is cranky in the morning). She will sleep better when she's not awoken in the night by rolling on top of her doll. Our doll beds also provide an extra opportunity for a young girl to learn the importance of making her bed each morning!

Our wooden 18 inch doll beds and other doll furniture are made exclusively by Sophia's®, the online leader in quality accessories and clothes made to fit dolls like American Girls®. Their affordable prices and modern designs make Doll-Clothes.com the best place to get doll beds and doll accessories for all your 18 inch dolls.

Everything a Sleepy Doll Could Need


There are single beds for kids who just have one 18 inch doll. Our bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers. We have reversible doll bedding sets, fancy pillows, and even reading pillows for when little girls need to study or do homework. There's also a soft, pretty baby doll bed designed for itty bitty baby dolls.

Don't leave your child's favorite friend out in the cold. She's too pretty to be sitting on a shelf. Her very own big-girl doll bed will be the perfect finishing touch to your 18-inch doll's home.