Love Seat Sofa Sectional Set for 18 inch Dolls

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This 12 piece 18" doll furniture set is great for a doll that likes to re-decorate! The pieces of this set can be combined in a variety of ways to easily change the look of your doll's room.  The white furniture pieces come fully assembled and are accented with hot pink and white polka dot cushions. Two coordinating throw pillows add to the colorful look of this 18 in. doll furniture set.  A white and hot pink wooden table lamp is also included. Ball feet add another decorator touch to this amazing 12 piece furniture set. Add some pieces of our travel set, JL-TSS when your dolls are packing for their next vacation.  The sofa measures approximately 13 3/4 X7 X7, the chair is 7 1/2 X8 and the ottoman is 7x7x2.   *DOMESTIC SHIPPING ONLY.*