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Clothes to fit American Girl®, Gotz®, & Corolle® 18” Dolls

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My Doll's Life - American Girl 18-Inch Doll Clothes Store

Doll-Clothes.com is the leading 18 Inch Doll Store™ for buying American Girl® doll clothes made just for your 18 inch doll! My Doll’s Life® is not affiliated with American Girl®, a registered trademark of American Girl, LLC.

Just like our name says, we're all about 18 inch doll clothes! Our doll clothes store lets you mix and match styles for your doll that are in tune with the latest fashion trends! Your American Girl® doll can dress just like your friends or favorite TV stars. As the leading retail 18 Inch Doll Store™ on the Internet, Doll-Clothes.com helps online shoppers to locate the highest quality 18" American Girl® dolls, doll clothes, and doll shoes in today’s market.

High Quality 18 Inch Doll Clothes

In your online search for American Girl® Doll Clothes, you will find a variety of 18 inch doll stores that supply doll clothes that fit your favorite American Girl® Doll, Corolle® Dolls, Sophia's® Dolls, and Gotz® Dolls. But only My Doll's Life (at Doll-Clothes.com) gives you direct consumer access to 18 inch doll clothes, accessories, furniture, and doll shoes manufactured by Sophia's®. We also offer doll clothes to fit popular 15" baby dolls, also a hit with American Doll Collectors who are seeking accessories and clothes for the doll they already own!

Sophia's® is a brand known for producing an exciting, fashionable, and trendy line of 18 inch doll clothes that are sewn in a boutique style. Customers can choose sophisticated American Girl clothes with fabrics and details that replicate the contemporary looks of a child's personal wardrobe. Our clothes fit American Girls® dolls perfectly! Plus, our budget friendly pricing allows you to continue to invest in your child's favorite doll Accessories.

The Sophia's® line of 18 inch doll clothes and doll accessories features copyrighted designs and is safety tested to be in compliance with new laws limiting "Lead and Phthalates" in toy products sold to children 12 and under. Their eye on fashion has made the American Girl Doll Clothes line successful in Doll & Toy Stores Nationwide for nearly 17 years!

More Than a Doll Clothes Store!

It's free to play on our site and dress our doll characters. Plus, you can print our paper dolls for additional fun. Try our clothes for 18 inch dolls on a virtual doll before you choose what to buy. Join our club for exclusive member's only discounts and newsletters. We hope that Doll-Clothes.com becomes your favorite site for buying doll clothes that fit American Girl® dolls, as well as other 18 inch dolls, accessories, and furniture.


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