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American Doll Patterns

Got Doll Patterns?


Since America is the land of opportunity, the American doll market has always been interesting and innovative. Anything is possible for an American doll, so it doesn’t make sense to limit her in any way. With a little creativity, a little skill, and the right American doll patterns, you can create your own fashions for your 18 inch doll.

For this reason, we happily provide doll sewing notions and other accessories so that you can make your own 18 inch doll clothes to fit American Girl® dolls from patterns and material. When you make your own doll clothes from doll clothing patterns, the options are as endless as your imagination. You can even use the American doll clothes and accessories on our site for inspiration.

Dress Up Your Clothing Creations


We offer 18 inch doll dress forms and stands (so your doll doesn’t have to model for hours). There are zippers, hook & loop fasteners, buttons, hangers, and sequins, all designed to look great on 18 inch dolls and their clothes.

Doll-Clothes.com lets you break the mold of clothes that are made specifically by a few companies to fit 18 inch dolls. With American doll patterns, materials, and accents from My Doll’s Life, you can create any outfit you or your little girl can dream up. Just make sure to keep your sewing needles up high in a safe place!

Not So DIY?


Have the idea and the incentive, but not the time? Or maybe you don’t know how to sew. There’s no need to make your own 18 inch doll clothes if that’s not right plan for you. You can shop our site and buy clothes to fit an American Girl® Doll in patterns, prints, and solids. Just buy online to have your 18 inch doll accessories, doll clothing, and 18” doll furniture shipped right to your door!